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We prefer to work as a part of our clients’ organization remote or on site. Our demands on ourselves are to master the solutions and platforms our clients are using. Today we work with and have experience of products and solutions from companies like Adobe, Google and Tealium. This includes their analysis, tag management and customer data platform products.

This means that we have or seek partnership with vendors to ensure that our clients use their platforms and products in the best and most cost efficient way.

Customer Data Platform

One of the most common questions we get today is, what is a customer data platform? Many have heard the term but do not know what it is or what opportunities it could mean. We believe that this technology and the working methods and opportunities that come with it will be a high priority in the coming years.

CDP-guru and founder of CDP Institute, David Raab, uses the following definition:

”A Customer Data Platform is a packaged system that creates a persistent, unified customer database accessible by other systems.”

Some of the pillars that make a CDP different from other systems and platforms:

  • 1:st hand data
  • Is a central source for data
  • Profile management of customers
  • Visitor-stitching
  • Orchestrates activities
  • Real-time updates

A CDP can be a good solution if you have issues like:
– Would you like to automate e-mail marketing or target advertising based on customer behavior on your site or app?
– Are there customer groups you don’t want to advertise to?
– We have a lot of data about our customers in a CRM system and now we want to activate offers based on information from other systems.
– Can we combine our customers’ behavior data with our customer database so that we can understand what customers are doing in our app?

You probably have your own examples of issues where you have data but not the tools to activate it. Contact us, maybe together we can test how a CDP could contribute. Ream more about our services here.

Are you currently using platforms or products from any of these vendors?

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