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Tag Management

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Tag Management

What is Tag Management and why should you use it?

Tag Management is a perfect way to simplify the processes of data collection. By using a tag management system you make data available for measurement needs and third-party tools such as Facebook or Google Adwords. When you use it correctly you can control the collection of data in a better way with increased flexibility and faster implementation from a common location. For changes or additions, you don’t need to update the source code on the website or in the app.

Through our Tag Management services, we give you access to knowledgeable developers who handle your technical issues. It gives you the freedom to focus on your other areas, such as marketing and business development.

This can be a separate service or a combination with our other services, Data Management and MarTech Strategy. Whether you already use a system or if you want to get started, Cruxmore has the knowledge and resources you need.


The steps below are part of the work when you want to set up a new solution. We can assist with the procurement of a new tool or the replacement of an existing tool. It may also be that you have a solution in place but need to get started with or want to start over.

  • Set up a tag management solution
  • JavaScript development
  • Create or update appropriate processes and routines


The steps below are part of the work when you already have a solution where you need continuous development. We have experience with solutions from Adobe, Google och Tealium but we work with your systems no matter what it is..

  • JavaScript development
  • Fast and flexibel implementation
  • Design, test, publish and document solutions

Tag Management and architecture

The illustration shows what a logical best practice solution looks like in terms of data collection set up. With a combination of a tag management system and a data layer, you get the best effect. Therefore, we always recommend having a data layer that provides common data for all measurement systems and helps to improve your data quality.

Tag Management architecture

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