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Data Management

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Data management

When you decide to take hold of data collection, we are your full service partner. Together we create new or update current processes, routines and working methods. Whether you are in the start-up phase and are about to choose MarTech platform or if you need to maintain and further develop an existing solution, we are your technical partner. Our expertise encompasses the entire life cycle and we can support with technical knowledge and resources.

In addition to the design and development of data layer and documentation, we offer strategies for activating your data and enabling use in AI and Machine Learning. Unlock your data through reporting, visualization and breaking down silos by bridging your digital data sources with other customer data.

Setup / Strategy

  • Data layer design
  • Data layer development
  • Document data structure
  • JavaScript implementation
  • Service / Strategy execution

Service / Strategy execution

  • Prepare data for AI/ML
  • Reporting, BI, Visualization
  • Data analysis service
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