About Cruxmore

We are building a company based on trust, knowledge and execution. We strive for progress and together with our clients we take all steps, large and small, towards a better future. We who work here will make use of previous experiences and believe that it is important not to apply old solutions to new or partly new challenges. This means that we strive for a mixed working group in terms of age, education and experience. We all have common interests in technology, business and martech.


Why data management?

Data is currently considered one of the world’s most valuable assets. Working in a data-driven way drives your business forward with lower costs, higher revenue and more satisfied customers. At the same time, customers have higher expectations of relevant and personalized experiences. For this to be possible, your data must be accurate, accessible and persistent.

Odenplan, Stockholm

We are located in facilities at Odenplan. The address is Upplandsgatan 38, 113 28 Stockholm. Feel free to come by and talk MarTech and data with us or just to have a coffee!

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