We are consultants in MarTech who deliver knowledge, efficiency and profitability. We do this by working knowledge-based together with our customers in a long-term and future-oriented way.

Our offering is based on technical experience packaged in six main services that focus on data management, one of the world’s most valuable assets. Since consumers have higher expectations of relevant and personalized treatment, we advocate a data-driven approach. This results in lower costs, higher revenue and more satisfied customers.


  • Data Audit

    Ensure your data quality and technical set up.

  • Data Framework

    Implements routines and processes to enable the collection, analysis, visualization and distribution

  • Data Management

    Activate your data with reporting, BI and visualization. Prepare your data for AI and ML. Take your marketing to the next level. Build your 360° customer view!

  • Tag Management

    Safe, fast and flexible script and data collection management.

  • MarTech strategy

    Build a roadmap for your digital data and plan future developments or tools. We can support you in that work.

  • Training

    Bespoke courses. Knowledge tests. Role definition.

” A prerequisite for AI, IoT and Machine learning projects, is that you keep your data organized just like in marketing projects.”

Fredrik ArnarpCEO


When you want to maximize your marketing and increase the return of your investments, Cruxmore will assist you in getting control of your data by adding structure and quality to the whole process. We are the technical partner determined to build, develop and maintain a data foundation you can trust. Let us activate your data!

Examples of our customers’ issues:

  • How can we automate e-mail marketing or target advertising based on customer behavior on site/app?
  • We want to advertise smarter to our customer groups. How do we get started?
  • We have a lot of data about our customers in a CRM system and now we want to activate offers based on information from other systems. How can we combine these data sources?

About us

We are consultants in martech and we are now building a company based on trust, knowledge and implementation. Together with the customers, we take big and small steps towards a better future. Everyone who works here will benefit from past experience and everyone thinks it is important not to apply old solutions to new or partially new challenges. This means that we strive for a mixed working group in terms of age, education and experience. In common, we all have a basic interest in technology, business and martech.

Tools and technologies

We prefer to work as a part of our clients’ organization remote or on site. Our demands on ourselves are to master the solutions and platforms our clients are using. Today we work with and have experience of products and solutions from companies like Adobe, Google and Tealium. This means that we have or seek partnership with vendors to ensure that our clients use their platforms and products in the best and most cost efficient way.


We like sharing knowledge within the area of MarTech and data. For example, we arrange breakfast seminars and other events such as DIGstockholm. Click on the event page and read more about our upcoming and our past events. If you have missed an event but are interested in the subject, you are welcome to hear from you!

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